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This questionnaire is designed to help me determine if a specific dog is the right one for you and your household. All interested parties are required to complete this form. Dog Day Acres Labradors  reserves the right to deny any placement based on answers to this questionnaire and/or interviews prior to placement.

Our dogs need jobs! DDA Labs are dogs that need jobs. Not looking for a dog for any of the jobs described? No worries. Not every puppy in the litter is destined for the high energy work demanded of hunting, search and rescue, or top sport, etc...That being said, remember, I really do not have couch potatoes, either. However, our dogs can typically settle in the house but they will need some type of job, even if that job is being your running partner, rounding up all the balls in the yard with you, or doing the best down stay ever. It is critical for our dogs to have a job to focus on. Otherwise, they "create their own jobs", which might not be one that you like or enjoy.

Puppy Selection Process
I understand that puppies are cute and that it is easy to fall in love based on a certain “cuteness factor" or color.  I do not believe in allowing people to simply choose a puppy based on looks.  I do understand wanting a specific sex to fit into your household or breeding program.

I keep your application and identify the traits that are best suited for you and the activity level you desire out of your K9 partner. Rarely are there two people looking for exactly the same puppy. As I go through the puppy testing, I build a profile of each puppy. This profile is based on years of this standardized testing and follow up. It is usually pretty clear which puppy, or puppies,  is best suited for which homes. I work WITH you to guide you through this process. I encourage your attendance at each of the puppy tests and encourage you to attend when possible.

Older K9 Placement
I focus on temperament and job suitability when pairing dogs with handlers.  Color and sex is really a last consideration, however I recognize that if “everything else was equal” sometimes there are color preferences. 

We occasionally will offer our retired breeding stock to homes that have been thoroughly vetted where they get to enjoy being a true active pet. If you are interested in one, please note that in your application.

I look forward to working with you in selecting your DDA Lab partner.

-- Robin

DDA Lab Partner Application
Are you intested in a....

Thanks for applying! We'll get back to you soon.

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